Eyelash Extensions Explained

Premade Russian Volume vs Handmade Russian Volume?
Classic Eyelash Extensions vs Flat or Cashmere Lashes?
Strip Lashes or Flare Individuals? Mega volume? Do you know the difference? 

From a clients perspective I can understand that sometimes this can be confusing for you. It is important to understand the difference between each lash treatment that a salon offers for several reasons. 

This is why I want to educate you all as an experienced Eyelash Technician and Educator as simply as I can.

When I first started my lash journey in 2005, there was only a handful of ways that you could wear false eyelash extensions. Times have changed dramatically in the last ten plus years and I am going to make this simple for you (I hope)!!

Strip Lashes - These lashes can be bought for you to apply yourself at home. They range in price from as little as £5. Perfect for a night out. To be worn for a maximum of 24 hours. The adhesive is designed to touch your skin and is water based.

Flare Lashes - These lashes are also known as cluster lashes.  A cluster of 3 sometimes 4 lashes are attached to a ‘knot’ These must only be worn with water based adhesive for a small period of time. Perfect for brides or nights out. They can be applied yourself at home or some salons will offer this treatment for you.  These lashes must not be confused with ‘Russian Volume’

Classic 1:1 Eyelash Extensions - Individual Eyelash Extensions are one individual eyelash extension applied to one individual natural lash by a qualified, insured and trained Eyelash Technician. The clients eyes are closed during the treatment for a period of approximately 1-2 hours (technicians times vary depending on experience) Prices vary in areas and from salon to salon. A medical grade adhesive is used but must not touch the skin. These will last indefinitely with regular maintenance appointments every 3-4 weeks.

Cashmere/Flat Eyelash Extensions - This refers to the shape of the actual eyelash extension itself. They are slightly flatter at the base giving the appearance of a darker lash without the heaviness. There are applied and maintained as Classic Eyelash Extensions.

Hybrid Lashes - A mix between Classic and Russian Volume. These will last indefinitely with regular maintenance appointments every 3-4 weeks. Also applied using a medical grade adhesive.


Russian Volume - This is an extremely advanced technique which is taught to already qualified technicians as a separate qualification. Finer lashes are used to create a fan of lashes at the time of application. A time consuming application that requires patience, skill and a lot of practice. Each individual fan is then applied to each individual natural eyelash extension. These lashes are light and fluffy and can be tailored to the individual. True Russian Volume can take years to master. Also applied using a medical grade adhesive and maintained indefinitely every 3-4 weeks.

Pre Made Fans - Perfect for a client that does not have time on their side. These are bought already made therefore the technician can perform the treatment without making the fans at the time of application. These are not to be confused with cluster, flare or ‘true’ Russian Volume lashes and can be applied using a medical grade adhesive.

Mega Volume - A time consuming treatment where extremely fine lashes are used in the same way as Russian Volume but instead of one hand made fan per each individual natural lash, two or three can be attached.

There are reasons why eyelash extensions do not last.  If you have experienced difficulties please discuss this with a Qualified Eyelash Extension Technician. However if they are applied correctly and maintained professionally they will last extremely well and are one of the most popular treatments within the UK.

We still strongly advise that you have a patch test of the medical grade adhesive a minimum of 24 hours prior to your treatment. Several lashes will be applied to your natural lashes as if you were having the treatment and will take several minutes. 

If you require any further information or if you would like to book an Eyelash Extension treatment, please do not hesitate to give us a shout laurabellsalon@gmail.com

The Training Academy

So the new Nail and Beauty Academy in Cornwall has officially been launched. Laura Bell Training School Cornwall is now open and taking bookings. Offering fully accredited short courses in Beginners Eyelash Extensions, Spray Tanning, Gel Nails, Acrylic Nails, Gel Polish to name a few you can start a successful career in Beauty. We are also now offering online courses for those with a busy lifestyle!

Want your share in the forever growing multi billion pound beauty industry? Train today and get your career off to the best start with LB Nail and Beauty Academy Cornwall. 

For further information head over to our Training page or email laurabellsalon@gmail.com

Acrylic Nails

I started using Acrylic back in 2000 when I first trained with Creative Nail Design. I did a two day 1-1 course with a lady just outside Bristol and my god did I find it hard! I used the same products for many years as this was the leading brand on the market at the time and where I am from (Chippenham, Wiltshire) everyone wanted or had Acrylic Nails. Everyone had French too and if they didn’t it was normal nail varnish (Gel polish was a product of the future).

When I moved to Cornwall in 2010, the first thing I noticed was everyone had Gel Nails. Although I was trained in Gel Nails (I completed a Diploma in Advanced Nail Techniques at Swindon College, and did a one day Brisa Course with CND) I wasn’t confident in it so convinced all my clients to have Acrylic. By this stage I was using NSI which was a nightmare to file off by hand as I wasn’t e file trained back then and it was like filing hard plastic off the natural nail. So I decided to get my ass in gear and crack on with Gel Nails. I practised and practised but using the NSI gel just wasn’t strong enough. I needed to find a stronger Gel. My friend who I worked with at the time suggested I tried IBD and I haven’t looked back since. It is super strong and doesn’t budge as long as your prep is thorough. So my love for Gel Nails evolved, I got more confident and couldn’t see myself ever going back to Acrylic. 

Then CJP was launched. I had followed Jemma Porch for a while on social media, admiring her Acrylic Nails.

I noticed how all these Nail Technicians kept raving on about how amazing this acrylic is, how it is so hardwearing, no lifting and amazing colours I had to give it a try. 

A close friend of mine who is also a Nail Technician find her nails will not last. Same as mine, Im forever snapping them, they lift too even if my prep is thorough, so the majority of the time I just don’t bother and neither does she. 

So I bought the liquid, I bought the essentials, the clear powder, the cover pinks and nudes. I sculpted a nude set on my friend. Bearing in mind within a week she has normally broken at least one and started biting them off. Two and a half weeks later they are all still intact. Not one breakage, not one sign of lifting. My clients are going mad for these nails! I can blend the colours easily and finally I have mastered the ‘faded french’ which you can achieve using different colours. Who doesn’t love an ombre? I have for the first time in years easily sculpted my own nails..one week later they are still beautiful. No lifting, no breaks. I have just bought myself a range of further colours and the CJP master size 12 brush which I cannot wait to try this week! It is smooth and easy to apply. A lovely consistency to work with which just falls into place creating perfect enhancements every time. It is a dream to file off just as easy as the gel, although I do use an e file now which I could not live without.

My love for Acrylic has been ignited and what is even better is I can purchase all the products locally from Chrissie Pearce’s Nail Supplies www.nail.supplies or easily on line at www.cjpnailsystems.com

So whether you are a client or a Nail Technician I cannot recommend this product enough. I am in love with it! 

We offer full sets of Acrylic Nails here in the salon for just £45. With a wide range of colours to choose from, you can wear them indefintely with regular maintenance appointments every 3-4 weeks from just £27. Perfect for nail biters or clients that struggle to keep nails on. 

To make your appointment please contact us on 01326 373534.

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